The animated film and television world is full of many meals that you have to admit you must have thought about recreating, although the fictional aspect and unrealistic drawings of many of the foods on this list are present, many people share the opinion that this doesn’t matter and the food looks great anyway. This idea has gone so far that you can now find many resources and recipes of people recreating these foods in their own way. If you are at a loose end or you are struggling with what to make for your next family meal, why not try taking some of your favorite animated foods as inspiration.

You may recognize some of the foods on this list as many make appearances in very popular shows and movies, just because they are done in an animated format doesn’t mean that the food they are making is any less real or that it won’t be delicious. If you are going to take inspiration from these meals then I would recommend that you pay attention within the scenes they are mentioned for any tips and tricks or special ingredients to create these unique dishes, and this is often what makes the foods special.


Bob’s Burgers

Bobs burgers is a very popular adult animation based around a family who own their own burger restaurant, if you are looking for some inspiration for your own homemade burgers then keep an eye out within your favorite episodes for some of Bob’s Famous unique creations that are featured within the show in many ways. Bob sometimes puts a fresh twist on the classic burger to keep his customers interested but there really is no reason why you cannot try some of his combinations yourself to see how they really taste.


Haikyuu – Egg Cooked Rice

The next dish on this list which is featured in the highly popular anime series of Haikyuu would have to be the egg-cooked rice, although it may not sound like much this dish can be customized greatly to suit your own needs and preference. Anime has featured many different foods over the years but there is something about this recipe that just seems tasty and like it has the potential to be extremely satisfying in the real world. Haikyuu is a very popular series so it is likely that the recipe has already been emulated by many.

The show is so popular in fact that there is a wide range of other developments relating to the show, this includes a huge range of merchandise and products that feature some of the most well-liked characters in the franchise. If you are a fan of this type of animation then you may want to look into the other forms of entertainment that can be found under the same genre, if you are bored you may be interested to find out which character would match your personality by taking one of the haikyuu quizzes that have been made.


Princess and the Frog – Gumbo

This classic Disney movie features a variety of very good-looking animated foods including Tianna’s beignets, but in my opinion, one of the most attractive meals in the movie would have to be the classic spicy dish of gumbo. This meal is a kind of stew which is very traditional in how it is prepared and eaten. Featuring chorizo sausage, rice, and mixed vegetables as a base for the dish there is no reason why you cannot try it yourself, and who knows, maybe you will make a meal that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.