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One of the genuine delights in life is eating and specifically eating out at lovely cafés. The vast majority of us have a most loved eatery and a most loved dinner that we would give nearly anything to eat.

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Heading out to the Chicago is an energizing experience In case you're visiting the Burke's Bacon Bar and wish to enjoy some delectable food that helps you to remember home.
Joseph L. Levingston
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Burke's Bacon Bar is superb cafés on the grounds that the inhabitants of Chicago or much of the time called Chicagoans love brilliant food, so if as an eatery you just alright food.
Melinda E. Jackson
Fashion Designer
I totally love Burke's Bacon Bar food! In case you're a foodie or even have a gentle enthusiasm for good food at that point make certain to look at the phenomenal food in Chicago!
Melvin S. Headley

8 Exciting Ingredients You Might Not Have Heard Of

When it comes to adding some variety into your diet it can be very hard to find new ingredients that actually make you excited to cook. If you are someone who is feeling dissatisfied with the ingredients you are implementing into your daily meals then you may want to think about researching new food products that you may not have tried before.


Scotch Bonnet Peppers

If you are someone who enjoys spicy food then scotch bonnet peppers are the one for you, it is important that you are very cautious when using this ingredient because if you were to add too much to your meal you run the risk of making your meal too spicy. Remember that you can always add more of something to your dish but it is very difficult to reverse if you go overboard with this ingredient.



Couscous is similar to rice and pasta aside from the fact that it can be prepared in minutes by simply adding boiling water, this ingredient is great for a quick meal as you can add your desired vegetables and meats or any other fillings and enjoy.


Black Pudding

Black pudding is much more than just a classic British breakfast ingredient and although how it is made may be slightly disturbing, if you can get over the fact that this product is made from pigs’ blood then you are in for a tasty treat. Black pudding has an earthy taste that pairs very well in a surf and turf style meal with fish, scallops in particular with fried pieces of black pudding can make a very extravagant starter that is bound to impress your friends and family.



Although pomegranate is not the most exciting or new ingredient you could buy, it is in fact a very versatile fruit that can be used in a variety of ways. Pomegranate is a very refreshing food that would be a great addition to any dessert, it is very healthy and contains antioxidants that are beneficial; for your health. What many people don’t know about pomegranate is that it is beautiful when paired with a salty cheese in a salad as it offers a refreshing balance to the other ingredients you pair it with.



This ingredient is quite hard to come by but if you manage to find it you are in for a truly delicious meal. This ingredient is one of the more obscure on this list but doesn’t let that deter you, singkamas is basically a Mexican parsnip that can be cooked in the same way as you would cook a normal parsnip or carrot. Singkamas is great when roasted with a selection of spices and honey, roasting them is one of the best ways to cook this ingredient and by adding your desired flavorings you will find that it is a great addition to any meal.



Saffron is an expensive spice that adds a lot of flavor to any dish, it can usually be found on the food market and is a great addition to pasta and rice dishes to add a subtle spice flavor.



Gnocchi is a traditional Italian ingredient that combines pasta with potato. The great thing about gnocchi is that it will take on the flavors that you choose to add very well, this means that if you are someone who enjoys spice you can add spices to create a tasty meal, if you are someone who prefers more subtle tastes such as garlic or herbs theme these can be added to create something that is milder.


Nuts and Grains

Many people treat the various nuts and grains that are available as snack food only; however adding these ingredients to your daily meals is a great way to add nutritional value, texture, and flavor to any dish.

How to Plan A Successful Company BBQ


Having a guest list for your company barbeque is definitely a necessary safety precaution, this measure not only makes sure that your guests are safe but also ensures that no unwanted visitors have been allowed into the festivities. Sorting out a guest list of who will be coming to the event is also a great organization trick, as it tells you exactly how many people will be at the barbeque which means you will have an idea of the amount of food and drink to order.



Once the guest list has been decided, the most important thing at the barbeque has got to be the food, so this is the next thing that you should tackle. When organizing the event make sure you are aware of any dietary requirements that your guests have, and ensure that there are alternative options on the menu to suit any restrictions. You should make sure there is plenty of food to go around and try to get a range of different products, whether you are planning to have professional caterers or you will be doing the cooking yourself you should offer a range of foods from different parts of the world.



If you are planning on having a large scale barbeque for your company you may want to think about getting in extra help when it comes to the food, cooking on a large scale is no easy task so you may be better off calling in the professionals. In order to avoid any issues, you should book your caterers well in advance however, if you are having difficulty finding a corporate caterer then there are a range of emergency catering services available at short notice who may be able to help you out.



To make sure that your company barbeque has a real wow factor you may want to think about things like decorations and making sure that everyone has somewhere to sit. You want your deserving employees to be comfortable at the barbeque so that they can have a good time, by making sure that everyone has a place to sit and the venue is nicely decorated you can be sure that you did your best to make everyone happy. A vibrant, summer theme to the decorations always goes down well, and provided you have the weather on your side you can really relax in the sun.



The one thing that is just as important as the food at a barbeque would have to be the drinks, without a nice cold beverage to go with the food the barbeque just isn’t the same. If you have gone for a themed event why not try making cocktails to fit the said theme. As well as deciding which drinks to serve you must also ensure that you have access to a means of keeping the drinks cold and you must make sure that there are enough beverages for everyone. The worst thing to happen at a barbeque would have to be running out of booze, this is a definite party killer and something you should avoid.



Particularly if you are hosting a larger company barbeque, you are going to want some form of entertainment. Some people choose a DJ to help get everyone in the mood for a party. Or for a more civilized event, you could hire a singing or dancing act to perform for your guests. Entertainment is a great way to help make the barbeque a night to remember, and if you feel like really rewarding your employees then it is definitely something to consider. Many amateur performers may be up for putting a little show together and as long as you encourage your guests to spread the word they shouldn’t be too expensive.



Deciding on the theme of your big event is a big task, some themes are hard to read but if you play it too safe you run the risk of hosting a barbeque that has been done before. A good idea in this situation would be to choose something that could relate to your company, this personalizes the experience and reminds everyone that the event is in celebration of your employees and their hard work.

The 5 Most Popular BBQ Restaurants in New York

Eating at a traditional BBQ restaurant is unlike any other experience, the smells of the grills as you enter the room is something really special and the quality of the food on offer is truly amazing. With a wide range of BBQ restaurants all over New York, there is bound to be a BBQ restaurant that suits your needs and serves something that you can enjoy.

If you are someone who enjoys cooking their own BBQ food then it may be a good idea to start investing in your own home barbecuing equipment, if you are unsure of what you should buy then why not ask the staff at your local restaurant and they will be happy to help. If there is a particular restaurant that you love why not ask them for help choosing an offset smoker and enquire into the type of grill that they use so that you can replicate the amazing taste of BBQ food at home.


Dallas BBQ Times Square

The Dallas BBQ is located in the heart of New York on Times Square, it is a very popular restaurant so finding a table may be tricky however if you get the opportunity to visit then you are in for a real treat. This restaurant started as a family-run home-style establishment, but over the years as more and more people found out about this culinary gem they have seen a huge growth in popularity.


Virgil’s Real BBQ

As you can probably tell from this restaurant’s name, Virgil’s Real BBQ is another one for the list, this establishment has been open for over twenty years, and over the last few years, they have undergone a serious revamp and update to their menu. It is a common misconception that it is impossible to find a good vegetarian meal at a BBQ restaurant. Well, I’m here to tell you that this could not be further from the truth, Virgil’s offers a wide range of different dishes with plenty of options for those who are vegetarian, as well as much different high quality and locally sourced meats.


TGI Fridays

TGI Fridays is more of a mainstream restaurant but that doesn’t mean their food quality is any different from their competitors, this restaurant has many buildings all over New York so it is a great place to go if you are struggling to find another dinner reservation. TGI Fridays offer many different American classics with their BBQ food being rated as some of the best available in the city.


Ed’s Diner

Ed’s combines the old school diner setting with classic American dishes all cooked on the BBQ, this is another restaurant that has many sites all over New York so there are many locations to choose from. As well as selling a wide range of high-quality barbecue meats and homemade sauces they have a varied lunch selection as well as all your classic diner favorites. With a retro decorative style, a meal at Ed’s is bound to be a relaxed family occasion that satisfies everyone’s hunger.


Mighty Quinn’s BBQ

Mighty Quinn’s is not for the faint-hearted, with regular eating competitions and humongous portion sizes this is definitely one to visit if you are hungry. The smell of cooking meat as you walk through the doors to this establishment is enough to make you ravenous for some of their luxurious cuts of meat cooked in their specialty secret sauces. If you enjoy spicy foods there is a whole section of the menu dedicated to new and unique spicy dishes, if you get the opportunity Mighty Quinn’s is one to visit for a great meal.

Does Your Kitchen Need a Deep-Fat Fryer?

With home-cooking rising as a hobby faster than ever due to recent lockdowns, more and more people are asking themselves what additional equipment they can buy for their kitchen to help cook those crazy dishes you always see on Facebook. Deep-fat fryers have become less and less common in homes over the last couple of decades due to swaying public opinion on the effects of fatty foods. But worry not, when used correctly, a deep-fat fryer adds many new recipes and possibilities to your repertoire. Before even thinking about whether you need a deep-fat fryer, you should make sure you want to make dishes that require one! Luckily, this article talks about the best way to use a deep fryer, so you should have a good idea as to whether your kitchen is in need of one.


The Basics

Dep-fat fryers are easy enough to use. Simply fill with one of the manufacturer’s recommended oils, wait for it to heat, and dip in your chosen treat of the day. They do, of course, run incredibly hot, so you must be extremely careful during all parts of the process. But It’s always worth it in the end! A small amount of maintenance should also be conducted, such as changing out the oil at the recommended frequency for your fryer (Usually every 5 to 25 uses). This helps keep the unit clean and keeps your oil fresh to maintain the best possible flavor for your food. On the subject of cleanliness, you should clean out your fryer when changing the oil and clean as much as possible in between uses. Smells are the most common issue people find with deep-fat fryers and every unit will emit some less desirable smells both while in use and while idle. This can be reduced significantly when keeping your machine well maintained and regularly cleaned, so it isn’t a terrible issue, and certainly worth the effort.


What to Cook

A lot of the magic of deep-fat frying comes from food choice and preparation. Luckily, many cultures from all over the world have some dishes which require or prefer deep-fat frying. The huge amount of options ensures that most people who are interested in cooking can find a good few dishes they’d love to fry. There are many Chinese dishes, such as the ever-popular chicken balls and many forms of fried meats which can only be replicated with a deep-fat fryer. There are also of course many different secret recipes for fried chicken you could try to replicate or improve, an opportunity many would love. And one of my favorites, fried calamari, which can only be brought to its best in a deep-fry. There is also always the opportunity to try deep-frying foods which might not have popularly been tried, which has almost become a tradition in the UK, where all manner of items can be found sold in their deep-fried form. So what are you waiting for? Got out and experiment!


So, does your kitchen need a deep-fat fryer? This depends entirely on what you like to cook. If you like the idea of trying out foods that you can only get in restaurants or in poor imitations in the frozen aisle at the supermarket then it would be a magnificent addition to your arsenal. There are plenty of delicious foods that are easy to make at home with a deep-fat fryer which is virtually impossible without one, granting great breadth to your cooking. If there isn’t a significant amount of deep-fry exclusive foods you can’t wait to have a hand at cooking, then it might just be relegated to the cupboard for longer than it’s worth.

How to Properly Clean Your Kitchen Utensils

The kitchen is usually the most important room in anyone’s house. While it’s the nicest room to relax in, it costs a lot to initially kit out. This is why we want to highlight the importance of properly cleaning all your kitchen utensils, this will extend how long you can keep using them and avoid you spending another small fortune on replacing them all. All the utensils should be cleaned slightly differently to keep them in the best condition for as long as possible.


Stainless Steel

Stainless steel doesn’t need much to clean, but you should definitely clean it right away. All you need to give it a thorough clean is warm soapy water. However, if you leave it with food stuck to it it’ll be tougher to clean, if you do find yourself in this situation a small amount of ammonia cleaner will do the trick of removing the food.


Ceramic Pans

If you’ve just prepared food, the best way to care for your ceramic pan afterward is to make sure the pan has cooled completely before soaking it in cool water. Then use warm soapy water to clean it, remember to take care to properly clean the edges where food may collect then give it a good rinse. This will help your ceramic pans to last for years!


Wooden Spoons/Chopping Boards

Any wooden utensils you have in your kitchen are again very easy to clean with the use of warm soapy water. The important thing to remember when cleaning anything wooden is that it must be cleaned quickly once it gets wet, definitely do not leave it to soak. If wood spends too long in water the structure gets damaged and your utensils may break, so make sure to always avoid doing this.

7 Fantastic Kitchen Accessories Any Chef Needs

It’s common knowledge that all chefs out there love their gadgets. Cooking can be a stressful activity, so anything out there that can help make the process a little easier is bound to excite any chef out there. Every day a new product is released into the market that can be used in a series of ways, but with so many products hitting the market every day it can be difficult to choose which ones are the best to use. However, we have scoured the internet and found some of the best kitchen accessories that will fulfill the chef’s needs.


Multipurpose cutter

One of the most annoying parts about working in a kitchen is having to cut a long list of vegetables. This is especially the case if you are prepping for a long day of work where you are bound to serve hundreds of people and need to prepare a large quantity of veg for your meals. Cutting veg can seem like an inconvenience, especially if you have a long list of other activities that you need to complete. This is what makes a multipurpose cutter so useful, as all you need to do is put your desired food into the processor and the machine takes care of the rest.


A Good Knife Set

Nothing is more crucial to a chef than a good set of knives. It is easy for a knife set to get blunt and aged over time so they should be replaced semi-regularly. Having sharp knives makes for faster and cleaner looking cuts, so in order to maintain that professional quality, you should be prioritizing having a solid set. You don’t have to spend a lot to get good quality knives, but investing in a quality set usually means you will get more use out of them.


Spice Rack

A spice rack should be in every chef’s arsenal and is crucial in creating quality dishes. Having a spice rack means that all of your favorite spices are in one place and are properly labeled, which will make it easier if you’re rushing around trying to get a meal completed. A spice rack also means that you will be able to clearly see what items you could add to your dish, which makes decision making much faster. This means you will be able to get all of your dishes out quickly.


Food Processor

A decent food processor is a must-have in every kitchen. A food processor will allow you to complete a long line of complex dishes that would usually take a long time extremely quickly. Soups that would take hours to make can be completed in under ten minutes, making it a much-needed bit of tech to have.


An Apron

This one may seem a bit obvious, but if you look at your average hard-working chef you may realize that their apron is a little worn down and has seen better days. Aprons can pick up all sorts of bacteria and so it is important that you replace them whenever you have the chance. You should try and get one that is easy to clean,  but it’s always an option to buy funny aprons to try and lift moods in the house. Make sure to have several available to you at all times, as you could easily spill some of your cooking on yourself and it can be considered unprofessional to be dirty when working.


Magnetic Holder

Magnetic holders are an absolute godsend when you’re cooking in the kitchen. Your surfaces can be cluttered with knives and other kitchen utensils when you cook and so one of the best things you can add to your kitchen is a magnetic holder. This gives you a place to put all of your things in preparation for cleaning later and just means less hassle when you’re cooking.


Pasta Maker

A pasta maker is one of those things that everyone wants but nobody has in their kitchen. Having a pasta maker allows you to make all forms of pasta from scratch. Chefs love fresh pasta and they really have an edge over shop-bought pasta. Homemade pasta cooks much faster than dried pasta and just tastes so much better.