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One of the genuine delights in life is eating and specifically eating out at lovely cafés. The vast majority of us have a most loved eatery and a most loved dinner that we would give nearly anything to eat.

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Heading out to the Chicago is an energizing experience In case you're visiting the Burke's Bacon Bar and wish to enjoy some delectable food that helps you to remember home.
Joseph L. Levingston
Financial Manager
Burke's Bacon Bar is superb cafés on the grounds that the inhabitants of Chicago or much of the time called Chicagoans love brilliant food, so if as an eatery you just alright food.
Melinda E. Jackson
Fashion Designer
I totally love Burke's Bacon Bar food! In case you're a foodie or even have a gentle enthusiasm for good food at that point make certain to look at the phenomenal food in Chicago!
Melvin S. Headley

Fruit Vs Veg: Which is Better For You?

The benefits of eating plenty of fruit and vegetables as part of a healthy and balanced diet are unlike anything else, with such variation in these sources of health benefiting vitamins and minerals people have been trying to implement more into their daily meals as the years go by. Healthy eating has become a common trend within modern society with more importance being placed on ensuring families eat their five a day as often as possible. Although both fruit and vegetables have benefits for both physical and mental health there is some discussion around which is actually better for you in terms of contributing to a balanced and healthy diet.


Health Benefits of Fruit

Fruit is a very important part of any balanced diet as it offers healthier sweet options, vitamins, and minerals which are all much healthier than commercial alternatives. Many fruits are high in fiber which helps retain the body’s health and avoid future illness, as well as their healthy nutritional value. Fruit also contains antioxidants which help to expel harmful toxins from the body and promotes your general health and fitness. Fruit is great for anyone looking to eat healthily and add nutritious foods to your diet, fruit offers satisfaction for somebody with a sweet tooth and encourages you to look at alternatives to unhealthy sweet snacks. Eating too much sugar can have negative effects on your health so having a healthy alternative on hand to satisfy a sweet craving can be a very useful tool on the journey to a better lifestyle.


Although there is technically no such thing as an unhealthy fruit it is important to bear in mind the sugar and carbohydrate content of some fruits, as some are higher than others and there are some fruits that could be considered unhealthier than some fruit options. One example of a fruit that is very high in sugar would be bananas, a common diet plan that many try in order to get into shape is the banana breakfast diet, however, as bananas have a high sugar content the question arises of does the morning banana diet work?


Health Benefits of Vegetables

Similarly to fruit, vegetables are vital in any healthy diet plan as they also provide high amounts of vitamins and minerals which all contribute to a healthy meal. Unlike fruit, the sugar content that is found in vegetables is much lower which could be interpreted to mean that vegetables are healthier. Due to the simple fact that they contain less sugar some people would argue that vegetables are healthier as they have more nutritional value. However, dieticians would argue that balance is key to any healthy meal plan and that equal amounts of both fruits and vegetables should be consumed as part of a healthy diet. Although there are sometimes high sugar levels in fruit, everything should be consumed in moderation and natural sugars are still much better for you than artificial preservatives and flavorings.


Overall, I would recommend that you take the time to work on a healthy diet plan for you and your family, as long as your diet has balance and unhealthy foods are not eaten on a regular basis you should be able to find a plan that is healthy and fits your lifestyle. When it comes to fruit and vegetables you should ensure that you are eating five a day in different variants whilst taking into consideration their nutritional value. In terms of whether or not fruit or vegetables are the healthiest, you should be eating plenty if both and encouraging your family to join you.

7 Fantastic Kitchen Accessories Any Chef Needs

It’s common knowledge that all chefs out there love their gadgets. Cooking can be a stressful activity, so anything out there that can help make the process a little easier is bound to excite any chef out there. Every day a new product is released into the market that can be used in a series of ways, but with so many products hitting the market every day it can be difficult to choose which ones are the best to use. However, we have scoured the internet and found some of the best kitchen accessories that will fulfill the chef’s needs.


Multipurpose cutter

One of the most annoying parts about working in a kitchen is having to cut a long list of vegetables. This is especially the case if you are prepping for a long day of work where you are bound to serve hundreds of people and need to prepare a large quantity of veg for your meals. Cutting veg can seem like an inconvenience, especially if you have a long list of other activities that you need to complete. This is what makes a multipurpose cutter so useful, as all you need to do is put your desired food into the processor and the machine takes care of the rest.


A Good Knife Set

Nothing is more crucial to a chef than a good set of knives. It is easy for a knife set to get blunt and aged over time so they should be replaced semi-regularly. Having sharp knives makes for faster and cleaner looking cuts, so in order to maintain that professional quality, you should be prioritizing having a solid set. You don’t have to spend a lot to get good quality knives, but investing in a quality set usually means you will get more use out of them.


Spice Rack

A spice rack should be in every chef’s arsenal and is crucial in creating quality dishes. Having a spice rack means that all of your favorite spices are in one place and are properly labeled, which will make it easier if you’re rushing around trying to get a meal completed. A spice rack also means that you will be able to clearly see what items you could add to your dish, which makes decision making much faster. This means you will be able to get all of your dishes out quickly.


Food Processor

A decent food processor is a must-have in every kitchen. A food processor will allow you to complete a long line of complex dishes that would usually take a long time extremely quickly. Soups that would take hours to make can be completed in under ten minutes, making it a much-needed bit of tech to have.


An Apron

This one may seem a bit obvious, but if you look at your average hard-working chef you may realize that their apron is a little worn down and has seen better days. Aprons can pick up all sorts of bacteria and so it is important that you replace them whenever you have the chance. You should try and get one that is easy to clean,  but it’s always an option to buy funny aprons to try and lift moods in the house. Make sure to have several available to you at all times, as you could easily spill some of your cooking on yourself and it can be considered unprofessional to be dirty when working.


Magnetic Holder

Magnetic holders are an absolute godsend when you’re cooking in the kitchen. Your surfaces can be cluttered with knives and other kitchen utensils when you cook and so one of the best things you can add to your kitchen is a magnetic holder. This gives you a place to put all of your things in preparation for cleaning later and just means less hassle when you’re cooking.


Pasta Maker

A pasta maker is one of those things that everyone wants but nobody has in their kitchen. Having a pasta maker allows you to make all forms of pasta from scratch. Chefs love fresh pasta and they really have an edge over shop-bought pasta. Homemade pasta cooks much faster than dried pasta and just tastes so much better.


6 Of the Most Interesting Restaurants in California

California is known as the Golden State and for many people, it is the place that they go to chase their dreams. There are a lot of appealing things about California, whether you are planning to move there or are just going to visit the state on a trip, you should plan to do a few things while there. However, this can be a hard thing to do due to how big the state is, so this list might help you to narrow down at least one part of the planning with 6 recommendations for the most interesting restaurants you can visit.


George’s 50s Diner


George’s 50s Diner is a classic diner with delicious food available in Long Beach. It might also be familiar to you thanks to its appearance in the famous teen movie A Cinderella Story starring Hilary Duff. Staying true to its name, the diner was established in 1952 and is still running successfully to this day.


French Laundry


Located in Napa County, north of San Francisco, French Laundry is a three Michelin-starred restaurant with a beautiful organic garden and has an impressive and historic stone structure. Thanks to this, French Laundry not only provides a delicious menu but also a beautiful backdrop for picture opportunities on a romantic date or dinner with friends.


Chez Soul


This restaurant in Fairfield is the perfect option for delicious and well-reviewed food if you don’t want to splash out a lot of money on your meal. Not only will you enjoy your food enjoy coming back again the next day but it also comes with a high hygiene rating so you can visit in comfort without having to worry about possibly calling the Fairfield, CA pest control.


Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch


This beautiful experience located in St. Helena will allow you to tick off a lot of musts without spending a lot of money to do them. With al fresco dining, wine, and olive oil tasting, and an event lawn with live music available you will want to visit and spend your time here on every night of your trip.


The Marshall Store


Located on Tomales Bay, The Marshall Store is an interesting and simple waterfront shack that comes with both amazing food and a beautiful view. As long as you like seafood, you will definitely find something enjoyable to eat. With options to sit on the deck of the restaurant or out on tables on the shore, you can drink a bottle of wine whilst listening to the relaxing sound of the waves nearby.


Pink’s Hot Dogs


Pink’s Hot Dogs is one of the most famous places to eat in Los Angeles as it has been featured in many movies and TV shows over the years. Founded in 1939, this restaurant has also been frequented by many celebrities with their signed photographs covering the walls, making it even more of a LA tourist attraction. Due to this and their renowned chili hot-dogs, there will often be visitors queueing up outside of the restaurant so make sure to get there early if you decide to visit.


Although it is impossible to recommend all of the absolute best options for restaurants in the state, due to the size of it, these six are just a handful of the many amazing places spread out across California that you should consider going to if you visit. Whether you want seafood, diner food, or a Michelin-starred menu, there will definitely be something on this list that you will enjoy, all with beautiful settings and a great hygiene rating

5 Important Health Regulations all Restaurants Must Follow

If you plan on opening your very one restaurant there are a lot of things that you need to think about. This can be a long list of things, from your new restaurant’s name to what brand of silverware you use. There are so many important things to think about and few of them can be overlooked. One of the most important parts of opening a restaurant that you should really take the time to think about is the health regulations that you must follow in order to be allowed to operate. If you look online for which health regulations are the most important to follow, you will meet a number of mixed reviews and may get confused, after all, there are so many that you have to adhere to. However, worry not as we have compiled our top five picks for the most important health regulations that you should be focusing on right now.



Arguably one of the most important steps that you have to take when running a successful restaurant is ensuring that everywhere is clean. This means that you not only have to keep all serving areas clean, but you also need to make sure that your kitchen area is as tidy as possible. Cleanliness is not optional when it comes to running your restaurant and you should make sure to clean your area several times a day. This is because restaurants have people coming in and out constantly and so any number of germs could be lying around and potentially lead to illness.


Food storage

Another health regulation that is extremely important is properly storing your food. Different types of food require different storage methods and should be stored according to their personal specifications. Storing food in the wrong place or for the wrong amount of time could lead to gross bacteria build-up that may make your customers unwell, which would be completely unacceptable.


Workers Hygiene

There is no point in ensuring that your workspace is clean if your workers don’t act hygienically. You must ensure that your workers abide by the strict rules of working in the catering industry, which means regularly washing their hands and also keeping any loose hair tucked away. If a health inspector was to come in and see that your workers aren’t abiding by these hygiene rules, then your entire restaurant could be compromised.


Regular pest control

One aspect of owning a restaurant that a lot of owners neglect is regularly having pest control checks. Your restaurant is going to be constantly full of food and of course, food sometimes attracts some unwanted guests, so it is important that you have regular pest control appointments. This will be no issue at all if you operate within the New Jersey area as pest control is a big issue in the city, meaning there are plenty of reliable pest control businesses. Make sure you do your research and find the best one for you. we recommend looking at names like PositivePest or PestBusters as they have lots of good online reviews.


Equipment replacement

Another aspect of owning a restaurant that a lot of people neglect to look into is regularly replacing the equipment that you have. This doesn’t apply to all equipment as some of it can be deep cleaned and so won’t be an issue in the long run. However, it is important to replace items that you can not deep clean such as wooden utensils as these cling to bacteria and could potentially make somebody sick in the future, especially when used on a number of dishes.

The Best Drinks to Compliment a Bacon

The Best Drinks to Compliment Bacon

Bacon makes the yummiest breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Complimenting it with a drink can just make your day.

Pairing the best of bacon recipes with a nice cocktail or a drink is all that you need to survive the harshest day. You can go ahead and buy a freezer, a mini fridge, an ice maker or a kegerator at foodplusice and enjoy cold drinks to match with your bacon mood.

We have made a list of the drinks that can be paired with a bacon dish that you can continue to relish lifelong. These pairs will also surprise your guests when they are home for an uninvited meal.

Feast like a king on these delicious combinations of the most loved bacon and different drinks!

Champagne with Bacon for Breakfast:

We like to term it as a brunch instead of breakfast. Make crispy bacon in the traditional style and pile them up on a plate. Season them with your preferred herbs. Now pour your favorite champagne in a flute and don’t forget to add orange juice to it, just a splash of it. You have a mimosa ready for quenching your thirst. The fat in the bacon is balanced very well with the bubbling champagne.

IPA with Pork Belly:

The Indian Pale Ale abbreviated and commonly known as IPA around the world was brewed in England originally and is now famous worldwide. A hoppy beer that comes under the category of pale ale is the best drink that can be paired with the heavy pork belly. Make a pork belly burger that looks yummy to the eyes and start eating it. You might not be able to finish it all alone. Pork belly is too heavy and rich. But when paired with the Indian Pale Ale it is a match made in heaven. The hoppiness of the IPA lets you finish the whole plate even before you know it.

Sauvignon Blanc with Bacon-Egg Quiche:

You may consider it a not so good looking combination due to the completely opposite flavors. But we dare you to try it just once. Because after trying it once you will continue savoring this combination for the rest of your life. The Sauvignon Blanc has a fruity flavor that helps in reducing the heaviness that the quiche has to offer.

Pilsner and Bacon Cheeseburger:

Do we need to tell you anything about this combination? There is nothing better than a chilled beer to wash down the bacon cheeseburger. The hops of Pilsner and the bacon cheeseburger is a crispy-salty combination that is good for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Brown Ale and Canadian Bacon:

The thick Canadian bacon cut into slices needs a beer that can handle it well. Brown ale is chocolatey and compliments the strong-flavored Canadian Bacon very well. A glass of this brown ale can take you a long way with the Canadian Bacon.

Pinot Noir and Bacon Pasta:

Just hearing about the creamy pasta made with bacon can be mouth-watering. Combine it with Pinot Noir and you have made yourself a sophisticated meal. Enjoy any kind of pasta with this red wine till eternity.

Cuts of Pork

Butchery diagram with silhouette of pig and cuts of pork on background: