Restaurants that continuously receive safety and health inspections need to be vigilant to pass such tests. Unfortunately, due to the numerous rules and regulations, passing the evaluation can be quite challenging. Luckily, we’ve decided to show you some applicable standards you must adhere to keep your doors open. Therefore, here is how to ensure your restaurant passes its health inspection:

Food Safety Training

Health inspectors will be looking at how well employees have food safety training. To avoid getting in trouble, make sure that all employees receive proper food safety training and take the necessary precautions when handling and preparing food. You can achieve this by creating employees’ seminars and funding them on available educational conferences.

Also, you can find several training programs online that will teach your staff about cross-contamination, food storage, keeping utensils clean, and other things they need to know about proper kitchen practices.

Hire Educated Employees

When hiring employees for a restaurant, look for people who have culinary experiences, such as cooks and servers. You can easily find such employees in hospitality schools. In addition, many education facilities require students to take an internship as part of their training.

These students already have some experience working in food preparation and serving before graduating. Look into some of these culinary schools in your area to find potential employees who are educated in food preparation. Alternatively, you can consider investing in training your workers.

Create a Cleaning Schedule and Stick to It

Every restaurant should have a cleaning schedule that is followed daily, weekly, and monthly. It’s the best way to ensure your restaurant remains clean always.

Your cleaning schedule should address everything from storage areas for food and equipment to restrooms and floors. You should also keep bathrooms well-stocked with toilet paper and soap, so they’re ready for inspection at any time.

Similarly, for outstanding results, you can consider hiring a cleaning company. For example, dry carpet cleaning Sydney is among the top-leading professional services that will utilize antibacterial and antimicrobial cleaning services. This can be an excellent option for your restaurant carpet cleanness to pass the set standards.

Prevent Food Contamination Practices

The most common reason for failing a health inspection is unsafe food-handling procedures, so ensuring employees understand how to prevent food contamination is a top priority. One of the best things you can do is to ensure everyone has proper training and certification, but you also need to make sure your employees practice safe food handling at all times.

Set Hygiene Standards At Your WorkPlace

From the chef to the waiter, every restaurant worker should adhere to restaurant safety and hygiene standards. You can achieve this by holding regular meetings to discuss your standards and expectations. Everyone should be aware of what they are supposed to do in case of any hygiene issues, such as food spillage or a grease fire. The staff should also know how to report any health violations and where to find first aid kits and other emergency supplies.

Make Sure Your Employees Follow Hygiene Protocols

You need to ensure that your employees follow established protocols, such as hand washing techniques. This can be done by having someone inspect the staff every few hours to ensure they are washing their hands correctly and as often as they should.

Hygiene audits can also help you identify any practices you may need to change or improve. For example, you should also ensure that the employee who handles raw food doesn’t take cooked food without washing their hands first.

Outstand Your Restaurant Health Inspection Now!

Passing your restaurant health inspection is an easy task; you only need to plan, invest, and implement the available measures. Such measures may include top-notch cleanliness, food safety training, hiring educated employees, setting health standards, and implementing such actions in your restaurant. Now, you can easily pass your restaurant health inspection.