The benefits of eating plenty of fruit and vegetables as part of a healthy and balanced diet are unlike anything else, with such variation in these sources of health benefiting vitamins and minerals people have been trying to implement more into their daily meals as the years go by. Healthy eating has become a common trend within modern society with more importance being placed on ensuring families eat their five a day as often as possible. Although both fruit and vegetables have benefits for both physical and mental health there is some discussion around which is actually better for you in terms of contributing to a balanced and healthy diet.


Health Benefits of Fruit

Fruit is a very important part of any balanced diet as it offers healthier sweet options, vitamins, and minerals which are all much healthier than commercial alternatives. Many fruits are high in fiber which helps retain the body’s health and avoid future illness, as well as their healthy nutritional value. Fruit also contains antioxidants which help to expel harmful toxins from the body and promotes your general health and fitness. Fruit is great for anyone looking to eat healthily and add nutritious foods to your diet, fruit offers satisfaction for somebody with a sweet tooth and encourages you to look at alternatives to unhealthy sweet snacks. Eating too much sugar can have negative effects on your health so having a healthy alternative on hand to satisfy a sweet craving can be a very useful tool on the journey to a better lifestyle.


Although there is technically no such thing as an unhealthy fruit it is important to bear in mind the sugar and carbohydrate content of some fruits, as some are higher than others and there are some fruits that could be considered unhealthier than some fruit options. One example of a fruit that is very high in sugar would be bananas, a common diet plan that many try in order to get into shape is the banana breakfast diet, however, as bananas have a high sugar content the question arises of does the morning banana diet work?


Health Benefits of Vegetables

Similarly to fruit, vegetables are vital in any healthy diet plan as they also provide high amounts of vitamins and minerals which all contribute to a healthy meal. Unlike fruit, the sugar content that is found in vegetables is much lower which could be interpreted to mean that vegetables are healthier. Due to the simple fact that they contain less sugar some people would argue that vegetables are healthier as they have more nutritional value. However, dieticians would argue that balance is key to any healthy meal plan and that equal amounts of both fruits and vegetables should be consumed as part of a healthy diet. Although there are sometimes high sugar levels in fruit, everything should be consumed in moderation and natural sugars are still much better for you than artificial preservatives and flavorings.


Overall, I would recommend that you take the time to work on a healthy diet plan for you and your family, as long as your diet has balance and unhealthy foods are not eaten on a regular basis you should be able to find a plan that is healthy and fits your lifestyle. When it comes to fruit and vegetables you should ensure that you are eating five a day in different variants whilst taking into consideration their nutritional value. In terms of whether or not fruit or vegetables are the healthiest, you should be eating plenty if both and encouraging your family to join you.