When it comes to adding some variety into your diet it can be very hard to find new ingredients that actually make you excited to cook. If you are someone who is feeling dissatisfied with the ingredients you are implementing into your daily meals then you may want to think about researching new food products that you may not have tried before.


Scotch Bonnet Peppers

If you are someone who enjoys spicy food then scotch bonnet peppers are the one for you, it is important that you are very cautious when using this ingredient because if you were to add too much to your meal you run the risk of making your meal too spicy. Remember that you can always add more of something to your dish but it is very difficult to reverse if you go overboard with this ingredient.



Couscous is similar to rice and pasta aside from the fact that it can be prepared in minutes by simply adding boiling water, this ingredient is great for a quick meal as you can add your desired vegetables and meats or any other fillings and enjoy.


Black Pudding

Black pudding is much more than just a classic British breakfast ingredient and although how it is made may be slightly disturbing, if you can get over the fact that this product is made from pigs’ blood then you are in for a tasty treat. Black pudding has an earthy taste that pairs very well in a surf and turf style meal with fish, scallops in particular with fried pieces of black pudding can make a very extravagant starter that is bound to impress your friends and family.



Although pomegranate is not the most exciting or new ingredient you could buy, it is in fact a very versatile fruit that can be used in a variety of ways. Pomegranate is a very refreshing food that would be a great addition to any dessert, it is very healthy and contains antioxidants that are beneficial; for your health. What many people don’t know about pomegranate is that it is beautiful when paired with a salty cheese in a salad as it offers a refreshing balance to the other ingredients you pair it with.



This ingredient is quite hard to come by but if you manage to find it you are in for a truly delicious meal. This ingredient is one of the more obscure on this list but doesn’t let that deter you, singkamas is basically a Mexican parsnip that can be cooked in the same way as you would cook a normal parsnip or carrot. Singkamas is great when roasted with a selection of spices and honey, roasting them is one of the best ways to cook this ingredient and by adding your desired flavorings you will find that it is a great addition to any meal.



Saffron is an expensive spice that adds a lot of flavor to any dish, it can usually be found on the food market and is a great addition to pasta and rice dishes to add a subtle spice flavor.



Gnocchi is a traditional Italian ingredient that combines pasta with potato. The great thing about gnocchi is that it will take on the flavors that you choose to add very well, this means that if you are someone who enjoys spice you can add spices to create a tasty meal, if you are someone who prefers more subtle tastes such as garlic or herbs theme these can be added to create something that is milder.


Nuts and Grains

Many people treat the various nuts and grains that are available as snack food only; however adding these ingredients to your daily meals is a great way to add nutritional value, texture, and flavor to any dish.