Creating and sticking to a diet plan is hard work. Creating a diet plan involves lots and lots of research, you have to look into many different factors of diet when creating it as it’s important to have your 5 a day, to have at least 60grams of protein a day, to eat foods that have high vitamin content to ensure your body is getting enough vitamins as they’re so important for your immune system. Also, that you’re eating enough carbs as this is what your body uses as energy to fuel itself, your body also uses fat as fuel so its important you’re eating enough of this too.

Diet plans will be different for every person, there’s no one fit for all everyone’s plan should be customized to them and their needs. Sticking to a diet plan is also hard work, after a long day it’s a lot of effort to come home and cook a healthy meal, it requires motivation, dedication, and discipline to stick to a diet plan. If you’ve put the effort in to do the research or pay for someone else to create a meal plan for you and you’re sticking to it, then you’ll probably want to optimize the results of the diet plan and the best way to do this is by adding exercise to it as healthy eating and exercise go hand in hand.


Benefits of Exercise

There are many health benefits associated with exercise, both mental and physical. Exercising helps you to control your weight, becoming overweight threatens your health as it leads to health problems such as diabetes. Exercising daily will help to prevent this from happening. It also helps to prevent issues such as heart diseases as it helps to improve your circulation.

It reduces the risk of you getting cancer, helps you to live longer, to sleep better, and strengthens your bones and muscles. It also has mental health benefits too. Exercising daily is the best advice that is given to help ease symptoms of depression and anxiety. It also helps to increase your self-confidence and it actually improves your brain and cognitive functions. When you exercise it prompts your body to create and release a chemical called dopamine, dopamine is a feel-good chemical so exercise improves your mood; runner’s high is a scientifically-backed real thing.


How to Add Exercise to Your Diet Plan

Whilst some people spend hours training at the gym every single day, exercise doesn’t have to take up hours of your day, a decent workout can be as short as 20 minutes. If you don’t have a gym membership that doesn’t mean you can’t exercise as efficiently as many people believe, but really home workouts are just as beneficial as a gym session.

There are so many options to pick from when adding exercise to your diet plan. If you want something low intensity a 90-minute walk is a great way to start exercising, if you want something a bit higher intensity then you could add running to your diet plan, this is a great thing to add as it’s easy to set yourself goals whether they’re time or distance and you can see your progress so are less likely to get de-motivated. Other options include high-intensity interval training, cycling, swimming, tennis, etc. If this is overwhelming to you and you’re not sure what exercise plan to start then you can hire a personal trainer or online coach. These people spend a long-time training to become a fitness trainer so they’ll be able to recommend the best exercise for you to go alongside your diet plan and meet your goals.