The kitchen is usually the most important room in anyone’s house. While it’s the nicest room to relax in, it costs a lot to initially kit out. This is why we want to highlight the importance of properly cleaning all your kitchen utensils, this will extend how long you can keep using them and avoid you spending another small fortune on replacing them all. All the utensils should be cleaned slightly differently to keep them in the best condition for as long as possible.


Stainless Steel

Stainless steel doesn’t need much to clean, but you should definitely clean it right away. All you need to give it a thorough clean is warm soapy water. However, if you leave it with food stuck to it it’ll be tougher to clean, if you do find yourself in this situation a small amount of ammonia cleaner will do the trick of removing the food.


Ceramic Pans

If you’ve just prepared food, the best way to care for your ceramic pan afterward is to make sure the pan has cooled completely before soaking it in cool water. Then use warm soapy water to clean it, remember to take care to properly clean the edges where food may collect then give it a good rinse. This will help your ceramic pans to last for years!


Wooden Spoons/Chopping Boards

Any wooden utensils you have in your kitchen are again very easy to clean with the use of warm soapy water. The important thing to remember when cleaning anything wooden is that it must be cleaned quickly once it gets wet, definitely do not leave it to soak. If wood spends too long in water the structure gets damaged and your utensils may break, so make sure to always avoid doing this.